how it works

Icon Fires Linear Burners require no flue to operate within indoor environments.

It uses bioethanol to generate smoke-free and odourless flames. It produces clean emissions of heat and water vapour with negligible amounts of Carbon Dioxide (C02).

Simple to fill and control

To fuel the Icon Fires Burner is simple and easy. Open the combustible chamber and fill it with liquid bioethanol.

To ignite it, dip the lighter-stick in the bioethanol inside the chamber, light the fuel on the stick and put it back into the chamber.

Our high efficiency burners let you control the heat output, flame stability and fuel economy, an industry first feature exclusively from Icon Fires.

*All Australian models are supplied with a fuel dispenser which contains a flame-arrester, this must be used for refilling the device.

Safe high quality products

Icon Fires is committed to safety. That’s why we are continually developing our technology in order to provide the highest-quality products in the market.

Safety advise: Follow the instruction manual for the correct installation of your Icon Fires Burner or Icon Fires Fireplace. Verify minimum room size requirements.

Once installed, adequately ventilate the room.

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