icon fires offers two lines of linear burners, both of them are flueless and work with bioethanol


Designed for grand spaces delivering large flames and significant heat output.


A burner of elegant stretched proportions that produces a continuous flame.

Design your own unique fireplace with Icon Fires Linear Burners

Our range of high efficiency burners are designed to enhance any inbuilt projects and deliver maximum quality.

Engineered for efficiency

Our engineering and design teams are responsible for the development, evolution and innovation of high-quality products, considered to be amongst the best globally.

Our high efficiency burners let you control heat output, flame stability and fuel economy, an industry first feature exclusive to Icon Fires.

Linear burners for modern environments

Our range includes 140 cm linear burners, the size of the largest similar products on the market.

The large length allows to create a continuous horizontal flame with no interruption, generating an elegant visual effect. Icon Fires Burners are also available at 110 and 80 cm.

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