Create your own luxury fireplaces

With Icon Fires you can get the luxury fireplace you wish. Install our flueless bioethanol burners in your own custom project or use it with one of our complete fireplace solutions.


Flueless Bioethanol Linear Burners that fit your bespoke project

Our range of high effiency burners are designed to enhance any inbuilt projects and deliver maximum quality.


Stylish ready-made solutions to make the most of our burners

Complete fireplace solutions for inbuilt or wall mounted use. The fireboxes use Icon Fires technology to enhance the characteristics of our burners.

Suitable for use in and outdoors

The Commercial and Slimline Burners and Fireplaces are designed to be installed both inside your house, terrace or balcony.


It’s all about the burner

Our range of high efficient burners are designed to enhance any inbuilt project and deliver maximum quality.

Produces no smoke
Our burners use Bioethanol, and ecological and safe renewable energy source.
Provides a gentle heat and ambiance
The natural and smoothing flame creates instant warmth.
Offers high level of heat control
The unique heat and flame control is an industry first feature, exclusive to Icon Fires
Achieves advanced levels of performance
Icon Fires applies the latest technologies in the market to reach best efficiency, functionality and refinement.
Made of the highest quality materials in the market
Made of high quality durable materials such as 304 Stainless Steel, Icon Fires products will provide heat many years after installation.
Fine details and high technology make it superior
Our engineering and design teams developed each detail of our burners to be efficient, durable and provide controlable ambiance and warmth, unique in the market.
architects, designers and home renovators from around the world have embraced bioethanol fires
Icon Fireplaces offers endless project possibilities. Our versatile range of products open up countless design options.
The Icon Fires Burners enable you to design your own unique fireplace.

Our range of fireplaces offers inbuilt, wall units and wall mounted models.

Add Icon Fires to your project.
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